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By browsing this website, or using any of its features, users are deemed to agree to the following terms of use, which may be updated from time to time:

1. COPYRIGHT. All material on this website is copyright and is used by you under licence from Wave Eight Media. The terms of the usage licence that applies to any particular product is included with the product. If no licence is included, then the following general licence applies: you are hereby granted a revocable and non-exclusive licence to access and view the materials but may not copy or redistribute them. Any individual publication sold via this website is subject to its individual copyright and other IP terms and licenses.

2. PRIVACY. Any personal information provided by you as part of your use of the website, e.g. the contact form, will be used only for administrative purposes and will not be shared with any other person or entity by Wave Eight Media except as required by law.

3. LIMITATIONS ON USE. (a) You must not abuse your access to the server on which this website is hosted, and in particular you must not upload any malicious programs or otherwise interfere with this website, the server, or your access privileges. (b) If a membership facility is provided and you join as a member, you must not share your member login details with other persons.

4. DISPUTES. If you have any dispute regarding your membership or your access to the website, (a) you will contact Wave Eight Media to discuss that problem and may not resort to litigation until: (a) you have first attempted to negotiate a solution in a bona fide manner, and (b) if no solution is reached by discussion, the dispute has been referred to a mutually acceptable mediator and you ave participated in that mediation in a bona fide manner, but no acceptable solution is reached via mediation.

5. TERMINATION. Wave Eight Media reserves the right to terminate your access and (where applicable) your membership for any reasonable cause, without notice to you, and in particular may do so if you have failed to make any membership payment when due or have abused these TOU.

6. DISCLAIMERS. (a) Wave Eight Media disclaims responsibility for the actions or omissions of third parties that may interfere with or prevent your access and use of this website or any product, in particular the domain manager and web host for the website, or any telecommunications service provider involved in linking the website to you. (b) Wave Eight Media also disclaims liability for any loss or damage to any person arising from such third party actions or omissions.

7. APPLICATION OF LAWS. You must obey all applicable laws when using this website. By default the laws of the jurisdiction indicated in clause (11) below will apply to all transactions conducted via this website and all usage by you of the website.

8. PAYMENTS. Payments for any memberships or products are handled by a third party, PayPal. Wave Eight Media does not control the way in which PayPal manages the payment system. To the best of our knowledge, that system is secure and efficient, but we expressly disclaim any responsibility for its operation.

9. PRICING. Prices of memberships and products are subject to change without notice.

10. ACCURACY. While Wave Eight Media endeavours to ensure that its website and products sold via the website are accurate, no guarantee is given that they are free from error. In particular, you acknowledge that any publication that is downloaded by its nature will go out of date.  Where versions of products are produced at different times, or for use on different platforms, variations may exist between those versions.

11. GOVERNING LAW. These terms of use are governed by the laws applying in the State of Western Australia, Australia, and you submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of that State in all matters arising under these terms of use.

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